6 Useful Digital Marketing Terms and Definitinition

Shahan Chowdhury
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If you run an online business or youtube channel, you must know some of the digital marketing useful terms and definitions to understand clearly what they mean and how they work.

Here is the six everyday use digital marketing jargon buster that you should know:

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1. Impressions

If you ever own a website or youtube channel, you probably come across this term. The impressions define how many times your website/adverts or video have shown to potential customers or viewers.

For example, if your website shows up on search results after someone searches your website name in search engines then it counts as one impression. Keep in mind that impressions will count every time it shows to customers no matter if it's clicked or not.

2. Click-through Rate (CTR)

After impressions show up, if someone clicks on it, it will count as clicked. So the number of times people click on an item or interest will be defined as the click-through rate or CTR. Meaning, the percentage of people actually clicking on your website or videos.

For example, “My youtube videos average click-through rate is 5.5%”.

3. Conversion

Even though if your customer clicked on your item (e.g. website adverts), some of them change their mind and don’t click to purchase. On YouTube, this can happen when viewers don’t watch your video after clicking on it.

So, the people who actually perform some action that you want are measured as conversation or goal. For example, signing up for email newsletter, website form submissions, purchases of products, phone calls, views of your video, and so on.

4. Banner Ad

When you watch videos on YouTube or visit through the website, sometimes adds popup below the video or one side of a website, available in various formats like gifs or rich images are called Banner Adds.

Banner add is one of the most popular advertising systems to grow your business online.

5. Blog

You may hear people saying, “I learned it from this beautiful blog post, it was very helpful”. This is exactly what it sounds like.

A blog post is consisting useful information to target specific viewers online to learn about your products or service or even it can be used your personal idea and opinions on a topic that people might be interested in.

You may have seen an option called “Blog” on the navbar of a website. This is where a business website or brand tells about their products or service. A blog post is sometimes called an article. But literally, a blog focus on personal opinions and perspectives whereas an article focus on pieces of information and facts.

6. Analytics

When it comes to measuring the activity of your websites or mobile apps we use analytics tools that analyze data generated by the software.

On YouTube, you will see a prebuilt analytics section where you will see google generate in-details data of your individual video and people’s activity on your channel.

Analytics is used to improve website marketing campaigns to increase sales or views.

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